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Smoking cessation

In recent clinical trials, clinical hypnosis was found to be the most effective way to become a non-smoker.

Let’s take a look at the alternatives.

Nicotine patches, inhalers etc are nicotine substitutes designed to wean you away from the ‘habit’ of smoking, however they still maintain your addiction to nicotine.

You may not be ‘lighting up’, but your nicotine addiction is still there. This means that once you change your behaviour, i.e. stop ‘lighting up’, you will then have to wean yourself away from using the patches as well. This makes no sense. Essentially, you have to stop smoking twice.

Hypnosis offers a safe, relaxing, drug free alternative to substitute methods. It is specifically tailored to your personal needs and can be used effectively to eliminate uncomfortable side effects such as stress and over eating. How can it fail to be more effective?

smoking cessation, give up smoking with clinical hypnotherapy
How does it work?

Hypnosis nurtures your resolve to stop smoking. It strengthens your will to succeed. Once this is done, positive change occurs rapidly and effectively, with little effort and enduring results.

Here’s the science bit...

During hypnosis neurological processing becomes more powerful. This results in new behavioural responses being learned more quickly and easily.

Any smoker knows that, after time, smoking becomes an unconscious - and often unwanted - behaviour or ‘habit’. Hypnosis is especially effective in changing unconscious behaviours as it communicates directly with the unconscious mind.

The result? Behavioural change occurs quickly and easily whilst cravings, irritability and weight gain can be extinguished simultaneously - making becoming a non-smoker much easier.

So, if you are serious about breaking the smoking habit and feel that you need help and support, clinical hypnotherapy is for you.

The stop smoking package

Each hypnotherapist works in a different way, but having done a great deal of research in this area, I believe that a tailored multiple session approach is the most effective way to become a non-smoker and to stay that way - much clinical research exists to support this.

I employ a two session approach and both sessions are included in the package;

Session one is a consultation session where we discuss your smoking history, smoking patterns and behaviours and your feelings about smoking. This session lasts around 45 minutes.
Session two is a session of hypnosis, within which tailored suggestions will be used to support your specific goals and aims with regard to becoming a non-smoker. This session lasts around 50 minutes.

The stop smoking package costs £260

The full fee must be paid before the first session commences. A free follow up session is available in the unlikely event that this is necessary.

To book an appointment contact Sarah on 07464 199966 or email here.

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