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Weight control

Scientific research shows that hypnotherapy can help people manage their eating habits and reduce their weight.

The hypnotherapy program that I offer to clients who are struggling with obesity or weight control problems has been tested and proven to provide positive results, and is designed for people who need to lose 16lbs or more.

The ultimate aim of this program is not only to encourage shedding excess pounds, but also to provide the skills and tools needed to maintain change over time.

The program has been developed through clinical experience, a review of clinical research studies on hypnotherapy and weight control, and consultation with professional practitioners specialising in the development of health and nutrition programs. binge eating, eating disorders, weight loss
It is a structured program that is safe, practical and result-orientated.

It is tailored to your needs and allows you to work at your own pace.

During the program we will focus on your current behaviours related to food, eating habits, coping skills and physical exercise, and provide support to help you to maintain motivation in order to achieve your weight reduction goals.

‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.’

Winston Churchill

I employ an eight session approach. Each session is included in the package, including four custom made CDs and client handouts.

Here is an overview of what the program covers;

Session one: Intake Interview and Introduction to the Program.
Session two: Reframing and Compulsive Eating.
Session three: Training in Self Hypnosis.
Session four: Emotional Eating and Stress Management.
Session five: Making Sensible Food Choices
Session six: Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food.
Session seven: Boosting Motivation to Exercise.
Session eight: Pulling it all Together for Lasting Results.

The Weight control package costs £700.

The fee must be paid in full before therapy begins and is non refundable. However, once the fee is paid the sessions are available to the client whenever they wish to take them.

It is required that clients visit their GP prior to commencing the program for a thorough medical examination, to rule out any previously undetected medical issues that may be contributing to weight gain or preventing weight reduction.

This program is appropriate for adults and, with written parental consent, teenagers aged 15 years and upwards.

To book an appointment contact Sarah on 07464 199966 or email here.

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